Audio Guides and References

This section will eventually hold any guides or tutorials that I write up. NOTE!: These guides will be my own personal take. Rather than a comprehensive how-to, it is my own take on how I do certain things, and what tends to work for me.

For now, here's a link to some excellent web applets. (and interactive to boot!)

(Unfortunately the independent recording links to the various interactive frequency and hearing charts appear to be dead, so I've removed them) (a great room mode calculator with lots of feedback)

I just found someone brought back the Independent Recording Network's interactive frequency chart. It's a great chart for learning and referencing various frequencies and overtones.

Interactive Frequency Chart


This is my first guide, and it is geared toward people starting out with audio work in the home studio. I will update and revise it as I find mistakes and come up with better explanations.


This is basically a gear guide. This will be updated as mistakes and suggestions are made, or I come up with better ways of explaining concepts.


This is a draft of my guide for mixing. I will likely make changes once I get around to it again. I'll update this as I come across mistakes or better ways to explain a concept.


This is a listing of free and not-so-free VST plug-ins that I recommend. As I discover more VST that I really like, I'll update this listing. The current list is a great start for anyone getting into writing, mixing, or recording music at home or small studios.