My Own Music Projects

The more polished music tracks can now be found on my Sound Cloud. I will also use the Soundcloud as a showcase or preview for any work done for clients, as I can set individual files to private (client's e-mail address) so that only the client can view/download the work.  Optionally, I can use Google Drive to get preview tracks to clients as well.

I also have a location for works in progress, scratch tracks, streams of consciousness, rough demos, and other miscellaneous work I've done such as passion projects, which you can find on my other Soundcloud profile: 

Recently, I've started streaming some of my keyboard playing on Twitch. My channel is 
I don't have a schedule yet, and mostly announce through my facebook page. But I do upload my streams to youtube for later viewing.
My YouTube channel:

Most of my live streams are in a stream of consciousness format and largely informal performances. However, I do occasionally play some of our band's songs in a "keyboard karaoke" format.
Later, if all parties are willing, our band might stream some rehearsals, virtual concerts, and/or I might stream some jams with a good friend of mine.

Our band has plans released our first album end of October, 2021.
We are also working on new material, and will hopefully release a new album in the future, and possibly some singles during 2022.