Studio Equipment


Equipment List:


    * Pair of Tannoy Reveal 6 Passive Nearfields on an ART SLA-1 130W/Channel Amp
    * Carvin AG100D 100W 3-Channel Amp
    * Blackstar Fly 3 3W micro-amp (for practice/travel purposes)
    * Vox VX50KB 50W 3-Channel Keyboard Amp


    * AKG K240 Mk II Headphones 
    * 5 pairs of MoreMe Deluxe headphones for tracking purposes

Headphone Amp:
    * ART Headamp6 Pro:  6-channel headphone amp

Mixer/Audio Interface:  

    * Mackie Onyx 1620i 16ch mixer
    * Echo Audiofire4 firewire 4in/4out audio interface



    * Art S8 8-channel Mic splitter

Multi-track Recorders:

    * Tascam DP-24 (8-inputs, 24 track recorder)

Dynamic Mics: 

    * Audio-Technica MB3k Dynamic Mic (Midnight Blue Series)
    * Shure Drum mic Kit, including 3 SM57's, and beta 52
    * an extra Shure SM57
    * 1 Shure Beta 58A
    * 1 Shure SM7b

Condenser Mics:

    * Matched pair of Karma K-Micro omni mini-condenser microphones 
    * 2 SE Electronics SE2200A MK2 C's (cardioid)
    * Stereo Pair Lauten Audio LA-120 SDC mics (cardioid/omni interchangeable capsules)
    * 2 Audio-Technica AT2020's (cardioid)
    * 1 Shure Beta 98A/C mini-condenser
    * Dayton EMM6 SDC Omni measurement mic
    * Stereo Pair Rode M5 SDC mics (cardioid)


    * Monoprice XLR + TRS cables and CBI/Belden XLR 8-channel snakes


    * On-Stage Boom Stands x4, Straight stands x2
    * Hosa short boom stand
    * Rode SB20 stereo mic bar
    * Matthews 13.5 ft. lighting stand (3 spring loaded risers + leveling leg) w/ mic mount adapter


    * 3 Bamboo flutes, E/Eb, Gb, and Bb
    * Reverend Double Agent OG 20th Anniversary Guitar
    * Ibanez Arondite ADD120-MG Electric Guitar
    * ESP LTD M-10 Electric Guitar
    * Roland VR-09 Stage Keyboard
    * Clavia Nord Lead 2x
    * Roland JD-Xi
    * 1 of each of the Korg Monotrons (the Original, Duo, and Delay)
    * Korg Volca Beats analog drum machine

Midi keyboard/controller:

    * Novation Impulse 61
    * Korg Microkey 25
    * Korg PadKontrol
    * Roland EV-5 expression pedal
    * Zoom G3X multi-fx processor


    * Cockos Reaper


    * MuseScore

Computer DAW PC:

     * Custom built running Win10:
     * AMD FX-6350 Vishera 6-core CPU
     * 16 GB G.Skill DDR3 1600 RAM in dual-channel
     * HDD 1: 320GB Western Digital @ 7200RPM
     * Nvidia GTX 970 GPU
     * Thermaltake 650W PSU w/ at least 52A on the 12V Rail
     * Asus M5A99X E.V.O. R2.0 motheroard
     * Asus Optical Drive