Pricing Information

NOTE: All mixing and composition fees are negotiable.
I am quite flexible with the pricing, and can adjust fees to meet the needs of the client.

The goal is to work closely with the artist or client to produce music that conicides with their vision. To achieve that end, I'll be in contact as needed as I work through the project. Full mp3's or Snippets of work in progress on the mix, or the composition
may be e-mailed to the client for review and critique when requested. If the request is too large for e-mail, we'll work out
another way to transfer the files.

Of course, this is all negotiable, but as I get close to finishing a work, I like to be able to send the file back to the artist for review before making final adjustments. This applies to both mixes and compositions. I'm willing to e-mail the artist an mp3 version of the work in progress (encoded at 320kbps)

When working with an artist's music, or with the music of a cover band, I will not publically post complete full-length sound files of works in progress nor finished works. However snippets may potentially be posted at my soundcloud to help build my portfolio and reputation. (snippets will be no longer than 1 minute) Though, if I have the band's permission, I may post a full length track to help promote the band. For tracks I compose myself for a client, I reserve the right to publically post works that are my own creation for feedback and/or portfolio and demo purposes.

Please Contact me, and we can negotiate a quote for the work to be done.

Pricing and fees for Mobile Recording Service:

  • Recording/Equipment Deposit: $100 payment (covers maintenance, session and gas fees)
  • $15/hour labor fee.

In Detail:  I'm offering a "mobile" recording service to bands, groups, students, and other folks in the Philadelphia Main Line areas.  So, I will be traveling to your location, be it your rehearsal space, home studio, basement, live show, etc.  I would like to keep the experience fun, and stress free.  As the session will be taking place at your locale, I cannot guarantee a commercial quality recording, but it will be good enough to have it mixed, and create some CDs for portfolios, handing out at gigs, getting more gigs,  selling CDs to fans at your shows, and the like. (assuming you take it to the next level and get it mixed by me or someone else) Cover bands are responsible for obtaining any mechanical licenses for covered songs BEFORE recording. I want to keep everything nice and legal on that front!

The deposit fee is not generally negotiable for live shows, but if the source recording ends up being completely unusable due to technical reasons, or rookie mistakes on my part, I'll give your money back after the show, no questions. Once I leave the premise with the recording to go do the cleanup/editing, that fee becomes non-refundable. Again, there is no pressure, and no major commitment. If a session doesn't go well, nothing gets done, we can break it off, call it a day or night, and I won't charge you a dime. We can always agree to meet again at a later date.  Basically, if you don't get a recording, you don't pay me for the session. Also, if it's your first time working with me, I will not charge any hourly rates, just the flat equipment fee.

Included in will be a DVD that holds the raw wav data files after cleanup/editing. If you wish to go to the next level and have me mix them, the mixing fees will apply, which is based on per-minute of audio. (but not the equipment fee, you only need to pay that once!) If I mix it, you will get an Audio CD along with the data DVD with the mixed files as mp3's. The RAWs and/or mix stems can be provided on request. I will also provide mp3 files for you to use in your websites, portfolios, and if you feel the work is good enough, possibly even digital distribution.  I do -not- provide mastering services, but I can recommend some competent mastering houses.

NOTE:  Live show recordings will be subject to the full equipment fee. If I'm just coming over to record in your home or garage, then I may reduce the deposit. Also, depending on how the live show recording is to be done, I may not charge the full recording fee (like if I'm just taking a feed off the house system, and not using my own mics) 

ALSO:  If I am recording a student concert or student recital, say for a High School or College, then I would be willing to do the work Pro-Bono. Music in education is something I put a lot of value in, and it needs all the support it can get! Contact me, we'll work something out!

Pricing and fees for music compositions:

  • Simple Projects: $5 - $10 per minute of audio
  • Complex Projects: $20 or more per minute of audio
  • first minute of audio is the mininum fee, and then to the closest minute after.
  • If work is to be mixed by myself as well, then the mixing fee will be included.
  • all per-minute fees (composition and mixing) are flexible and negotiable.

NOTE:  For non-profit work (freeware indie-games, open source projects, etc.) 
I am extremely flexible towards non-commercial work, and I'm willing to work with  you on the details. Please contact me for more information, or to negotiate a quote.

In detail:

For writing music , I charge a sliding fee per minute of audio based on the genre and complexity of the work. If the work is to be mixed by myself, there will be a flat mixing fee that will be included in the per-minute scale. Shorter work, such as rock or simple video game soundtracks will be about $5 to $10 per minute of audio. More complex works (such as orchestration, and other complex, involved tracks) could be $20 per minute of audio, or more. Regardless of shortness of the audio, the fee will include the first full minute. Tracks exceeding 1 minute will be charged to the closest minute.

(e.g. a 30 second jingle will still be $5 for 1 minute of audio, but  2:15 will be $5 per minute for  2 minutes and 2:45 would be $5/minute for 3 minutes of audio)

Please allow ample time for the project. Smaller projects involving simple works may only take a couple weeks, but a larger, more complex work could take up to a month or more. This depends on various factors, such as how many projects I have going concurrently, the "day" job, and whether I or the client handles the mixing.

Prices are negotiable, and I am fully willing to work with the artist or client to meet their budget requirements.

Prices and Fees for Mixing Work:

  • Single track: $10 per minute of audio
  • Up to 5 tracks and less: $7 per minute of audio
  • Full album: $5 per minute of audio
  • per minute fees are negotiable.

NOTE:  For non-profit work (freeware indie-games, open source projects, etc.) 
I am extremely flexible towards non-commercial work, and I'm willing to work with  you on the details. Please contact me.

In detail:

Artists and clients who want to have their work mixed need to send me the individual files. Mailing me a CD or DVD with the .wav files is probably the easiest and most secure way. The .wav files should be at least 44100 Khz and 16bit (standard PCM wav form) The first mix is on the house, and if artist or client likes the work, we can negotiate the price of any further work should they require further services. At this time, the mixes will be a good demo quality, possibly commercially viable. Turn around is about a week for an hour worth of audio. A full live gig (3 hours-ish) takes me about a month. Though it depends on the quality of the source recording and how many tracks each song uses. Complex projects will take longer to mix, but I try to finish a song a day.

Multiple tracks may be mixed at a reduced fee per minute.

Price of mixing work will be a flat rate of $10/minute of audio for a single track. Albums or multiple tracks will be discounted: $7/minute of audio for 5 or fewer tracks (an E.P.), and $5/minute audio for a full album (45 minutes or more)

Of course, fees are negotiable, and I am willing to adjust prices to meet the needs of the artist. Once I feel the mix is at a good place, I'll send mp3 files out for auditioning, and then make any further changes needed or requested.

Again: All fees (except the $100 payment for recording work) are negotiable, and I am willing to work out the details with the client to meet their needs.

NOTE: I do not do mastering work. However, I am willing to critique a mix (taken with a grain of salt), and I can recommend a competent mastering house.