November 22, 2016

I wanted to give a big thanks to Jamai Mosley and his manager, Brandon, for having me come out to record them on November 11th for the Jamai Stripped show. They were both awesome, and Jamai and the backup singers were very talented. People had fun, and it was a good show. I've sent them the cleaned audio files, and I hope they meet their approval should they want to have me or someone else move forward with a mix. You can find out more about Jamai and his music at

The setup was pretty simple. A local sound guy set up the PA system, and had them mic'd up with some Audix dynamic mics. He controlled everything through a Mackie digital mixer. We put Jamai on my Shure Beta 58A mic, and I think it emphasized the presence of his voice quite well both for the show and the recording.  We ran the mics into my ART S8 mic splitter, and I ran a cable snake back to my recorder, a Tascam DP24. I tend to record at lower levels, aiming for peaks hit around -10dBfs so there is a lot of headroom to work with during editing. I think the voices complimented each other nicely, and there wasn't much that needed to be done EQ wise if a mix was to be done. Mostly just some compression to control the dynamics a bit, since they had a very dynamic range between loud and soft.