October 26, 2016

Ordered a pair of Lauten Audio LA-120 mics. These come as a stereo pair. I was originally going to get the pair of Studio Projects C4's which come with a bar, and interchangeable capsules, but they were out of stock for now. So, I decided to get the LA-120's. They've only been on the market for a few weeks, so there isn't a whole lot of info about them. What few reviews I've read paint them in a pretty good light, and I think they will be fine for what I'm doing.  Note, the omni capsule seems to have a bit of dip in the mid range, and the highs look pretty pronounced, based on the chart.  Have to see how they behave in the field, though!

I'll primarily be using them with the omni capsule as ambient/hall mics to capture ambient and audience sound. If/when I get the Studio Projects C4's, I might try them as the main ORTF pair with the C4's being the ambient mics.   We'll see. I'm looking forward to use them when I do some ensemble recording in the Spring, and seeing how they perform.

At least they came in a nice wooden case!