April 7, 2018

I realize it's been awhile since the last update. I've been fairly busy with the band, and have a bit to catch up on.  First of all, our band is officially complete as we brought a drummer on board last month. We still have to vote on a band name, though! Other than that, we are ready to gig, and might have a performance coming up soon, possibly even this month! I'm excited to be on stage again since it's been awhile!

I took some time last weekend to work out some kinks in what will be my stage rig: two keyboards and a guitar w/ pedal. For rehearsals, I'm running these through a Vox VX50KB 50W amplifier, and it has been working great!

Keyboard Rig
Stage Rig: Roland VR-09, Nord Lead 2X, Reverend Double Agent OG 20th Anniv., Zoom G3X Pedal​

I've worked on polishing up some previous mock-ups of songs, and I just finished writing a new song, which I recorded a scratch track. I need to write out notation for the singer, but we're starting to learn it now. It's up on my soundcloud.

I've also started a long-term personal project. There's a group porting the old game Daggerfall to the Unity engine. I've taken it upon myself to remaster the old midi scores, and basically produce high quality audio tracks in ogg vorbis format. Unity handles ogg vorbis natively, so it's easy to plonk the loose files into a folder for the game, and the ogg files take priority over any midi files.   I have 7 tracks finished, or nearly finished, and about 70 more to go. I'm doing things in phases, ensuring that everything sounds like it's cut from the same cloth and part of the same project, and also to keep my sanity. I'm hoping to be finished in the summer, as I'm doing about a track a day.