Project trio, April 13th, 2021

Our trio's drummer:
​​​​Our drummer, Barry Hess

So, the basement studio is fully operational and good to go for a variety of duties. First and foremost are rehearsals.  While our main band is not ready to start meeting yet, I was invited to start up a side project trio by our band's drummer. He's been meeting with his buddy and fellow musician who is a bassist. Both of them recorded and toured with The Toys (of Lover's Concerto fame) back in the 60's, and were part of Philly's own Magic afterwards. They've got some interesting stuff brewing, and I'm happy to be a part of it as a keyboardist. We are forming a new trio, primarily focusing on jazz/fusion material. Since it's just the three of us, and they're both vaccinated, I okayed meeting here in the basement studio.  Barry only has to bring his sticks since I've got a nice kit down here, and Bob just needs to bring his bass.  

So, funny thing, they wanted me to bring my horn.  I haven't played trumpet in almost 20 years. So I dug it out, opened my Vizzutti, Concone, and Koprasch technique books and started hitting it an hour a night.  I've still got a ways to go before I'm back in proper form, but the progress has been very good, and I've managed to surprise myself a couple times. So I supposed I'll be doubling on trumpet for some songs.

Still need to come up with a name, so I'll start writing down some potentials, hah!

Going forward, I do have plans for our groups. We figure it will be a slow reawakening of the music scene and live performances returning to normalcy. In the mean time, my basement is set up and furnished to be virtual performance friendly. So we do plan to broadcast/stream some of our rehearsals and we'll do some virtual performances as well, maybe put together some kind of ticketed events in the near future. And we'll consider streaming via twitch and/or youtube. Other options would be to see about contacting our local townships and trying to arrange a small outdoor concert with just a few bands putting on a show.  You know, keep it small, local, and safe.

In the case of the trio, we've got plenty of songs, and it's just a matter of me learning them, and the three of us tightening up the performances before we're gig ready.  In the case of the main band, we just need to get to the point where we can start gathering together again (hopefully in May, but I need to get vaccinated first, and I don't know if I'll qualify for Phase 1C or if I'll have to wait until Phase 2), and getting our songs tightened back up and ready to go.

But yeah, things are progressing, and I've got a few things in motion. Looking forward to being involved with the new project and getting back into the swing of things.  Both literally and figuratively.