Studio A Continued: (Acoustic Panels and stuff)

The GIK Acoustic panels have started arriving, and I've been installing them on the walls. Still have a few boxes yet to arrive, but they should get here soon!
I've ordered 18 of the 242 series broadband panels for the walls, and the triangle corner bass traps to put in the front two corners (back 2 corners are solid-core doors).  I'll have two 242 series panels left over, so I may think about putting them on the doors. We'll see. 

I also ordered mounts to hang the guitars between the panels, so those will be going up soon. Already starting to sound pretty good in here; bass is starting to tighten up a bit. I also have a cheap ukulele that I may hang over the bar by the light switch, and my wife's old Yamaha classical guitar that I'll mount on the wall.

Recently, I also acquired a good used drum kit for the room. An early 2000's 6-pc Pearl Export series in black smoke lacquer. Only thing we needed to do was replace the snare head. The cymbals I chose to go with it are an 80's Zildjian Rock Ride, 80's Zildjian Splash, and a 70's Crash/Ride Hybrid. The hi-hats are Zildjian A Custom Mastersound from the early 90's judging from the stamp. All nice sounding kit, and will do well for both rehearsals and recording.

So yeah, everything is going smoothly. Our band isn't rehearsing in person currently for obvious reasons. We will likely resume once things get back under control whether it's in the spring or summer next year. Even if live venues have trouble opening back up, we'll see about live broadcasting from the basement studio. It's a nice sounding space, and it's easy to integrate the setup with OBS and stream to my Twitch channel and/or my own Youtube channel. Eventually we'll create an official Youtube channel for the band, but we've got an album to release first!!!!  Hopefully a little after Christmas.

So yeah, band and recording stuff is a bit up in the air, but I'll be putting on some solo informal live performances in the form of stream of consciousness on my Twitch account.  So that should be interesting. (I already did one performance for Thanksgiving for friends and family, but the video can be watched on my own Youtube channel)


StudioA Panels
GIK 242 series panels going on walls and the bottom halves of the corner traps are here