Nov 14, 2018: Time to get a gig!

Band Update:   So, in regards to the band I'm in: the new drummer is up to speed, we agreed on the band name (Blackjack Rose) and we're actively looking for gigs.

We should have our debut gig coming up on Dec. 21 this year. We're aiming for getting booked at The Fire, but we might end up somewhere else, too. It's not set in stone yet.  We're also planning for mid to late January for the next one.

If you're in the Philly area, keep an eye out for us!

I've also started recording our rehearsals, and doing a basic cleanup/editing for clarity. So that should help resolve some lingering minor issues.

All in all, we've got a great variety of songs, and we're basically a rock band with some prog and experimental elements with most of the songs.  (so we're calling ourselves a prog group, or maybe prog-ex....nouveau prog?) I think we'll turn some heads.