May 2nd, 2018 Daggerfall Midi Remastering

As I briefly mentioned before, I've been involved with a personal project, remastering the midi music from Daggerfall.
For myself, and for the Daggerfall Unity project community, I've been taking the midi soundtracks from the old game, and "remastering" or enhancing them, rendering the finished tracks as .ogg vorbis files for use within the Unity port/rebuild of the game.

The scope of the project is to replace all midi tracks using high quality orchestral samples from the VSCO 2 Community Edition, Virtual Playing Orchestra 3, and for some of the soundscape/atmospheric tracks, I've been layering Alchemy Player sets along with the Tyrell Nexus 6 VA Synth VSTi. The new music tracks will be rendered to high quality ogg vorbis format.

Info about the Daggerfall Unity project can be found at

Info about my music remaster project and progress updates may be found on the modding forum:

So far, Phase 1 is completed, which includes all of the tracks between 02 and 30 with a couple bonus tracks included.  Phase 2 will take a bit longer as the files are a little more complex, and the duplicate midi files (different files for different sound cards of the era) are different enough to warrant checking them individually to see which behave better with the instrument samples in my libraries. I'm not giving myself a hard deadline like I did for Phase 1, but I anticipate having everything ready and packaged up by late summer.

Of course, I'll release some single tracks as teasers on my soundcloud page to show I'm making progress, and to whet the appetites of other community members.

I aim for balance, consistency and cohesion across all music tracks. 

A preview sampling of tracks may be found on my soundcloud page:…/…/daggerfall-remastered-music-1

Response so far has been very positive! I'm looking forward to completing this project, as the Daggerfall Unity project could sorely use some decent quality versions of the old music, bringing it up to modern spec.