May 5, 2017 (jam band update)

Things are coming along on the jam band side of things. We've potentially got a singer on board, and possibly a drummer as well. We're in the process of recording some demo material for attracting members to finish filling those two spots, but maybe we won't need them after all, hah.

We are working on original material, some of it pop/gospel rock, some of it (namely my stuff) a little more prog. We're also doing a little bit of alt, funk, and blues. As our bass player said, kind of an early Genesis or King Crimson vibe.  We have yet to decide on an official name, but our placeholder name is Sons of Sunny Beach.

Once we've finished forming the band and learned/rehearsed the set, we plan to open for our guitar and bass players' other band, Lonesome Crow at the Grape in Manayunk. Don't know how soon or late that will be, but we're well on our way!

I have to say, I'm getting some great sounds out of the Roland VR-09 keyboard. I got it for myself for Christmas, and I'm still having a blast with it. Yeah, I know everyone craps on Roland from time to time, but this keyboard isn't half bad for a gigging keyboardist. No it's not a synthesis/programmer's wet dream by any stretch, even with the onboard VA/rompler engine (kinda like the Gaia's engine) but through a good PA, and even here in my home studio, and in the basement with the cover band I jam with (where they have a PA system) it really rumbles and growls. Great stuff.